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Friday, 18 July 2014

An Interview with Aaditya Jagdish: David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, OM PC was a British Liberal politician and statesman. He played a very crucial role in  helping the delegates of the various countries at the Paris Peace Conference arrive at peaceful conclusions

My Greetings to Mr. David Lloyd George,

Q: How does it feel to be Mr. David Lloyd George who is one of the members with “The Big Four” members of the Paris peace conference?
A: I am honoured to have been given the post of such an important person. It is my first year as a part of the INMUN 2014.I had been told to take up the role as the Prime Minister of Britain at short notice and I am pleased that everything has gone well so far. As DLG I feel that I have to make a lot of important descision that can lead to the upbringing or downfall of Gemany.

Q: What do you think about the involvement of Germany as a cause of the Great War? Was it solely responsible or were its allies equally responsible for it?

A: My opinion right now is of Germany being innocent. It was a group of Serbian nationalists, known as ‘The Black Hand’ who assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand which lead to Austria declaring the 11 point ultimatum on Serbia which they did not accept to protect their sovereignty and caused Austria to declare war on Serbia.so I am saying that USA has intervened in this war – it was not their war to fight. They just interfered and caused huge devastation; and now they are declaring Germany guilty. This is something I do not support at all and I strongly believe that Germany had no role at all whatsoever in starting the war. I will go by whatever I have said in the past ... and although I may have contradicted my statements for the crisis...I personally am ‘FOR GERMANY’.

Q: Does your soft corner for Germany appear due to the fact that Germany was your best pre-trading partner and that by reducing the harshness of their punishment will help them to return to their prosperous form faster?

A: No. I believe that the trading between Germany and Britain has got absolutely nothing to do with the statement I have given just now. It has everything to do with the events of the war. Germany may have fought a lot of wars during this period but it has also lost 2 million soldiers of our countrymen within this span of time. It doesn’t matter who declared the war on who...it is the losses that actually matter.it is the sovereignty of the country that has been harmed.

Q: What do you think about of the sudden crisis – which had Germany unexpectedly threatening to throw uranium nuclear bombs on USA and similarly on other countries if they do not listen to the terms of Germany?  Don’t you think that is threatening?

A: It is threatening but I think all of the countries including me have a role to play in this sudden attack. I am accepting that I am guilty. I am not saying that I did not do this. I blamed Germany and imposed them with much more than what they can actually handle – which may have caused the flame to ignite and feel that they have been accused of something they are not responsible for. So Germany may have killed many people...but for them to have taken such a step – has shown our involvement in great proportions. That is why I declared peace. I wanted no involvement in this bomb and I showed that I still have little faith in them through this act.

Q: Do you believe that your diplomacy has played a great role in bringing peace among the nations?

A: Yes. Having to sit in between France and USA who want to completely cripple Germany strategically, financially and economically and Greece who wants to treat Germany kindly so that they do not retaliate ... diplomacy helps in bringing a wave of calmness among the delegates – because I am taking into consideration all aspects of the opinions of all of them. This helps all of us in taking decisions with a cool mind and not a mind purely of personal reasons and vengeance.

Q: What do you want to talk about the crisis session which was held just a few minutes where you went completely against your previous statements and had to strike against Germany?

A: Yes, it was required at that point of time. Since the crisis committee wanted DLG to go against Germany for their own reasons...I had to come up with points which showed Germany as the most important cause of the war. But not taking regard of the crisis  - I would say that I still stand by my statements.

Thank you Mr. David Lloyd George. It was a pleasure talking to you

My Pleasure.

Akshara Mohandas

Have they got their Eye on our world?

A new day in the AD HOC Crisis brings new crises to the fore.
We plunge into the first session with a recap of the crises faced by the 26 countries yesterday, which left the state of affairs being:
-World War 3 is underway.
-The monarch of the Democratic Republic of Korea was assassinated, leaving DPRK to be an Islamic Republic of Korea. (IROK)
-The premiere of China was assassinated, leaving China to be ruled by the military.
-Putin and Obama have both been assassinated.
This was followed by a few opinions and measures of particular countries that were directly involved with the events that unfolded yesterday. 
The committee then held a press conference, where The Press and The Chair questioned the Delegates of the countries of IROK, PRC, India, France, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam. 
These questions brought to light new information, mainly being:
-The PRC, instead of being a “headless chicken”, has settled on a new leader with the help of the parliament, and so the country of China is now ruled not by the military, but by Li Keqiang the Second. 
-ISIS has directly threatened Israel.
-IROK is no longer IROK, but is now the Islamic State of the South China Sea. (ISSC)
After these revelations, the delegates of China, Vietnam, India, ISSC and Ukraine launch into a heated argument, the result of which is proclaimed war between ISSC, and Vietnam and China. The Delegate of Ukraine urges the committee to rethink starting all these wars. 
In the midst of all of this, the UN Envoys bring an update that states: “Israel, Palestine and Lebanon have been taken over by the Hamas, who have also been held responsible for the theft of a large quantity of enriched uranium.”
To this, the Delegate of Israel expresses his disbelief at the Hamas troops, and a majority of the 26 delegates of countries pledge aid to Israel. 
The chair then gives permission for an Unmoderated Caucus for 10 minutes, at the end of which there are to be directives presented. 
At the end of the Unmod, there were several directives presented to the chair.
The delegates were debating the terms of the different directives when the UN Envoys brought a new update, one which completely changed the fate of the committee. 
The update was, “Texas has overthrown the USA government and is now a Christian country. Russia wants to help Pakistan eradicate the Taliban; however, Russia has joined hands with the Taliban and has overthrown the government of Pakistan.”
The delegate of Pakistan shares his views: “The Delegate of Pakistan is horrified that our ally, Russia, would join hands with our public enemy, The Taliban.”
The delegate of Russia expresses his dissatisfaction with the events, and simply states, “Russia is trying to find a new president, and would like to establish peace treaties with other countries.”
The Chair found it advisable to establish peace treaties, and so the committee broke into a 20 minute session of Unmoderated Caucus, at the end of which there were to be peace treaties presented to the chair with the conditions, terms and consequences. 
The Peace treaty that was presented was utterly rejected, due to the new directive that was introduced by the new Free State of Texas that proclaimed that the country is now under rule of Rick Perry, a member of the Illuminati.
 The FSOT managed to convince more countries to join their Illuminati force, at the end of which the list of countries that are now Illuminati are FSOT, UK, India, ISIS, ISSC, and Pakistan.
There were more peace treaties that are meant to be formed, hopefully treaties that will ensure that peace prevails, not treaties that entitle the entire world to the mercy of the Illuminati. 

Rashi Kumar
AD HOC-North Korea.

Interview with Germany

As the events took an uninteresting turn, the committee was forced to plunge a crisis amidst all the on goings – although the delegates were quite confused at the sudden turn events, they cleverly adapted to the change, and passed several moderated and unmoderated caucuses so that they could peacefully settle the crisis. What ensued after this was an unexpected situation where Germany suddenly received a colossal power – in the form of uranium nuclear bombs – that could possibly blow up the entire nation in a matter of seconds. While Germany expected everyone at its mercy, and for once the roles reversed...it was soon astonished to see that most of the delegates representing the various countries were willing to come together and raise a war against them – with Ho Chi minh and David Lloyd George being the only ones who cleverly and very diplomatically backed off from the war, coming in terms with Germany. What followed, was a hilarious situation, where DLG suddenly declared that it had captured the information for all the seven nuclear bombs of Germany and that he was willing to use it just for defense and not threaten anyone (I must say...all the while he has been doing research behind everyone’s backs. For intriguing everyone further more, new crisis were introduced with the prime minister of Greece being unexpectedly abducted, with her bodyguards being assassinated by the German military  - as per the information received by the member of the USA secret service. It is a comical moment with the Prime Minister of Germany denying the fact of kidnapping  - as we realize he has been completely taken by surprise.

“ I swear I didn’t do that, I didn’t kidnap him!!”                                                                                                                           After getting in tuned with the crisis, he quickly amended his statement by saying that:

“I accept the fact that Germany has not liked the Greek views  and do not deny the blame of abduction of the Greek prime Minister”                                                                                                                                 

The terms of release is being questioned when suddenly a telegram is intercepted which apparently has been sent by premier Lenin to the Prime minister of Germany – Mr. Philip Scheidmann regarding the kidnapping – which forces the delegates to think that both the countries have been conspiring behind their backs. Although many country delegates , namely David Lloyd George were willing to provide military and ammunition and secret service to search for their ”beloved peace-loving delegate’ – since no one  could arrive at a proper conclusion to the crisis ... the session was unfortunately scrapped.

After a moderated caucus is passed  -- on discussing the principles of league of nations and the reason behind its formation; the delegates receive an unexpected and unfortunate news of the assassination of the German Prime Minister – Philip Scheidmann and now enters our popular German dictator of all times – Mr. Adolf Hitler.

On asking him to introduce himself we were met with a very funny conversation:

Exec Board Chair: Please introduce yourself

Adolf Hitler(Former Philip Scheidmann): I just went out of the class and came back ...when

Exec Board chair: Which class Mr. Adolf????

Adolf Hitler: I mean...I was just assassinated...I mean Mr. Philip Scheidmann was assassinated and I came on behalf of Germany as a representative - Mr. Adolf .

Exec Board Chair: Are you a communist Mr. Adolf?

Adolf Hitler: Am I a what??!!

After what was a thorough detailed description regarding the principles of league of nations and the countries that should join such a peace keeping organization the session 1,2 and 3 of the day 1 , of Paris Peace Conference came to an end.

Akshara Mohandas

Interview with Deeksha Vishneek

Greetings, delegate Eleftherios Venizelos.
It seems that you changed the course of history in the Paris Peace Conference by proposing the League of Nations draft treaty. Where did you come up with such a revolutionary idea?
Venizelos:  Every country has it’s own parliament which decides the happenings and the running of the country. I believe that it is important for the world as a whole to have its own parliament which aims to keep all countries aware of foreign policies, relations, etc. It would create a better world for people, and stronger relations between nations.
Why have you taken such peaceful measures although it was Athens that suffered from the German aggression, going to the extent of crippling you for life? 
Venizelos: My first instincts were to commence war on Germany as they had harmed a major city close to my heart. But I took into consideration that we have come here to form a peace treaty and so I suppressed my urge for revenge and decided that the best way to resolve such a solution without any violence. And I will always be willing to give anything up for world peace.
What is the League of Nations, essentially? 
Venizelos: I would state the league of nations as a general association of nations to be formed to guarantee to its members political independence and territorial integrity. It should consist of all nations and work towards world peace by discussing war and foreign relations and countries’ economic crises. I would like it to promote cooperation in business and trade and strengthen foreign relations.
What are the ideals of the League of Nations?
Venizelos: To act as a world parliament to maintain peace as far as possible. To discuss war, economy as well as internal problems in a country. To ensure adequate living and working conditions for people in all parts of the world.
What are the peacekeeping measures the League of Nations is allowed to take?
Venizelos:  We encourage all countries to have equal say on all topics of discussion, even if they are not directly involved. We hope to solve all problems by arbitration. If not, we will have to take strict measures and may have to deploy the league of nations’ military if forced to.
Is it the wisest idea to give a council headed by certain member nations its own private army?
Venizelos: There should be an elected head or a number of elected heads who will run the league of nations for a certain period of time. Before taking any action, all countries must approve. The main reason for the head is only to keep an organized discussion.
Will the league of nations use its discretion as to which countries are a threat to world peace and which ones are just overly ambitious? 
Venizelos: The league of Nations will decide which countries are a threat according to the steps they take and if they agree to join the League of Nations or not. If any country does not join the league of nations, we see them as a threat to world peace.
Will the League of Nations successfully be able to prevent another Great War?
Venizelos: If all countries are willing to contribute and see the importance of the league of nations, I hope that we will be able to prevent wars in the future.
I hope you are right, delegate. Thank you for your time. 

Aditya Katakol


The day began with the news of US intelligence stating that Russia was guilty of shooting down MH170 over Ukraine. The press of course questioned the delegate of Russia and this is the conversation that followed.

Press of Iran: Delegate of Russia are you aware that US intelligence has identified Russia as the country guilty of shooting down MH170 over Ukraine ?

Delegate of Russia: Yes.

Press of Iran: The plane was carrying dozens of HIV researchers heading to Aus for an AIDS conference. This is fact. Do you have anything to say?

After moments of silence and a brief respite granted by the Chair the delegate of Russia provided a bewildering response.

Russia: We believed that the plane was Ukrainian, so we shot it down.

Russia: 298 citizens were killed, some of them were HIV researchers, I regret to say this would not be benefitting Russia.

The vagueness of this answer only shows how clueless Russia is about the actions of Russian based militants in Russia. The session then broke into unmoderated caucus to discuss solutions to the spreading pandemic of AIDS/HIV.

Press of Iran


Interview by the Press of Iran (Abanishwar Sen)

China’s stance on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in relation to women-
The HIV/AIDS epidemic in China is at a critical juncture. Slowly this infection is spreading to a more generalised population with women, children and the homosexual population being at the greatest risk. As China is a country where trafficking is sadly rampant many young female migrants find employment in entertainment venues located in metropolitan cities, and sex work transactions frequently occur in these places with no heed given to basic contraceptive or hygiene measures. Also, the absence of real work opportunities and economic strains forces women into the prostitution ring. Stigma attached to the disease in turn prevents the affected people from getting necessary aid and this makes the epidemic difficult to mitigate.

Measure taken by China to counter this epidemic-
1) Implementation of the “Four Frees, One Cares” and “Five expands, Six strengthens approach” “Five Expands,” means to expand 
IEC activities, surveillance and testing, PMTCT, comprehensive interventions, and coverage of 
ART. “Six Strengthens” means to strengthen blood safety management, health insurance, care and support, rights protections, organizational leadership and strengthening of response teams.

2) In 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on HIV, demonstrating the strong resolve of the Chinese government to respond to the spread of HIV. The actions of top-level state leaders have set a positive example of active participation in the AIDS response for the whole of society.

3) Protecting rights of PLHIV
During the past two years, the Chinese government has stepped up efforts to protect the legal rights of PLHIV and eliminate discrimination.

4) Dissemination of information and providing awareness through modes of mass communication and through Sex ed programs at school

5) Preventing Mother to Child transmission
In 2010 and 2011, efforts to strengthen prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV were expanded continuously in China. Since the second half of 2010, efforts began to effectively integrate work to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.
6) Finally, has worked with Antiretroviral treatments, provided voluntary counselling and has started a pilot needle exchange program that works to counter the ill effect of injected drug use.


Urges the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council in addressing HIV and AIDS, and the continuing need for coordinated efforts of all relevant United Nations entities, in line with their respective mandates, to assist in the global efforts against the epidemic,

Requests concerted efforts towards ending conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence, empowering women in an effort to reduce their risk of exposure to HIV and curbing vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child in conflict and post-conflict situations

Affirms that the disproportionate burden of HIV and AIDS on women is one of the persistent obstacles and challenges to gender equality and empowerment of women, and hence urges Member States, United Nations entities to provide sustainable assistance to women living with or affected by HIV.

Abanishwar Sen
Press of Iran.

NATO communiqué

“Crimea is pro-Russian and if Ukraine becomes part of Nato, then any power that Russia has will disappear because Ukraine will become politically more powerful.” – GREECE

“The delegate of India feels that Russia should not feel insecure. The Crimean crisis must be solved quickly and peacefully so that international peace and problems may come back.” – INDIA

“Russian Federation is insecure which is insecure which is why Russia thought that the plane from Malaysia was from Ukraine.” – CROATIA

“The delegate of Netherlands feels that the delegate of Vietnam’s statement is wrong as Russia is worried about the relationships that Ukraine and Russia had when Yanukovych was in power , now that he has fled, Russia wants the deal to stay ‘on’ and therefore intervention.” – NETHERLANDS

“The delegate is disgusted by the Russian federation. The delegate feels that being insecure does not give it the right to annex territories and violate treaties signed. Ukraine is a sovereign country. We have the right to make our own decisions on whether we want to join NATO or the Russian federation.” – UKRAINE

“Norway agrees to the fact that the Russian federation is insecure, because a large number of gas reserves are in Crimea. Russia does not like the fact that NATO will have (peaceful) access to these reserves as Russia is the number one exporter of gas to the EU.” – NORWAY

“NATO has been involving more countries into the treaty to promote peace and to military co-operation to fight any possible future threats. This makes Russia feel insecure for some reason, which shouldn’t be happening. Ukraine joining NATO will only protect the world from future threats. Russia should see this positively as it will promote peace, but Russia seeing this in an insecure manner reflects their cold war mentality. USA feels that Russia should not feel insecure and should remove their troops from Ukraine. Russia, in order to curb their sense of insecurity has disrupted world peace and devastated the lives of innocent individuals. This is a world of co-operation and diplomacy and not a world of invasions and dispute.” – USA

“Ukraine had been governed by pro-Russian government for a long time. Recently, the government has had good relations with USA. Russia being against USA’s involvement is not happy with Ukraine for wanting to join NATO. Russia threatened to cut Ukraine off of gas if they join NATO. That is why Ukraine hasn’t joined NATO till date.” – SPAIN
“Iceland says that if Russia wants to make its territory bigger, it doesn’t need to do this forcefully. It can just do it in a normal way by acquiring it by a un-ueparty(?) way so I think they should stop this and just wait for Ukraine to be part of NATO and then it can take permission from the UN.” – ICELAND

“France believes that Ukraine needs to be a part of NATO as they are mostly defenseless against a Russian Invasion. Russia is insecure as Ukraine could call NATO for help in the current crisis and Russia will be at a disadvantage. NATO feels that Ukraine needs its help.” – FRANCE

“The delegate of Russia objects to Ukraine being in alliance with NATO because it will be affiliated to nations which are not in friendly relations with Russia and therefore harm the relations between Russia and Ukraine. However, this is not the main motive of the intervention. “– RUSSIA

“The delegate of Czech Republic believes that there is no reason for Russia to feel insecure and condemns its action. Czech Republic also declares full support to Ukraine, and also wishes it to become a part of NATO as soon as possible.” – CZECH REPUBLIC

“The delegate of Luxembourg agrees with delegate of Vietnam. The NATO alliance at the moment is looking to surround Russia creating strategic military advantage against Russia if even a war was to take place between Russia and Western Europe.” – LUXEMBOURG

“The delegate of Canada believes that this is an invalid reason to start a war and cause n intervention.” – CANADA

 “The delegate of Italy feels that Russia has violated International law. There was no need for them to have an armed attack on Crimea. The delegate believes that issues can be sorted by vocal expression of opinions.” – ITALY

“The delegate completely agrees with Vietnam’s statement, Russia’s invasion of Crimea is indicative that Russia is accompensatory(?) for the loss of Soviet Union by invading new nations/territories.” – GERMANY

“The delegate believes that if this is the case, the military retaliation was justified.” – LITHUANIA

“Turkey feels that this is a blatant act of superiority by Russia, as they want to expand their territory. If we need to stop this we must keep in mind the choice of the other countries.” – TURKEY

“Russia has regretted the legitimacy if the interim Ukrainian government in favour of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych whose request for intervention has also been cited.” – BELGIUM

Dipannita Mukherjee
Assistant Director, Press.