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The day began with the news of US intelligence stating that Russia was guilty of shooting down MH170 over Ukraine. The press of course questioned the delegate of Russia and this is the conversation that followed.

Press of Iran: Delegate of Russia are you aware that US intelligence has identified Russia as the country guilty of shooting down MH170 over Ukraine ?

Delegate of Russia: Yes.

Press of Iran: The plane was carrying dozens of HIV researchers heading to Aus for an AIDS conference. This is fact. Do you have anything to say?

After moments of silence and a brief respite granted by the Chair the delegate of Russia provided a bewildering response.

Russia: We believed that the plane was Ukrainian, so we shot it down.

Russia: 298 citizens were killed, some of them were HIV researchers, I regret to say this would not be benefitting Russia.

The vagueness of this answer only shows how clueless Russia is about the actions of Russian based militants in Russia. The session then broke into unmoderated caucus to discuss solutions to the spreading pandemic of AIDS/HIV.

Press of Iran