Have they got their Eye on our world?

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A new day in the AD HOC Crisis brings new crises to the fore.
We plunge into the first session with a recap of the crises faced by the 26 countries yesterday, which left the state of affairs being:
-World War 3 is underway.
-The monarch of the Democratic Republic of Korea was assassinated, leaving DPRK to be an Islamic Republic of Korea. (IROK)
-The premiere of China was assassinated, leaving China to be ruled by the military.
-Putin and Obama have both been assassinated.
This was followed by a few opinions and measures of particular countries that were directly involved with the events that unfolded yesterday. 
The committee then held a press conference, where The Press and The Chair questioned the Delegates of the countries of IROK, PRC, India, France, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam. 
These questions brought to light new information, mainly being:
-The PRC, instead of being a “headless chicken”, has settled on a new leader with the help of the parliament, and so the country of China is now ruled not by the military, but by Li Keqiang the Second. 
-ISIS has directly threatened Israel.
-IROK is no longer IROK, but is now the Islamic State of the South China Sea. (ISSC)
After these revelations, the delegates of China, Vietnam, India, ISSC and Ukraine launch into a heated argument, the result of which is proclaimed war between ISSC, and Vietnam and China. The Delegate of Ukraine urges the committee to rethink starting all these wars. 
In the midst of all of this, the UN Envoys bring an update that states: “Israel, Palestine and Lebanon have been taken over by the Hamas, who have also been held responsible for the theft of a large quantity of enriched uranium.”
To this, the Delegate of Israel expresses his disbelief at the Hamas troops, and a majority of the 26 delegates of countries pledge aid to Israel. 
The chair then gives permission for an Unmoderated Caucus for 10 minutes, at the end of which there are to be directives presented. 
At the end of the Unmod, there were several directives presented to the chair.
The delegates were debating the terms of the different directives when the UN Envoys brought a new update, one which completely changed the fate of the committee. 
The update was, “Texas has overthrown the USA government and is now a Christian country. Russia wants to help Pakistan eradicate the Taliban; however, Russia has joined hands with the Taliban and has overthrown the government of Pakistan.”
The delegate of Pakistan shares his views: “The Delegate of Pakistan is horrified that our ally, Russia, would join hands with our public enemy, The Taliban.”
The delegate of Russia expresses his dissatisfaction with the events, and simply states, “Russia is trying to find a new president, and would like to establish peace treaties with other countries.”
The Chair found it advisable to establish peace treaties, and so the committee broke into a 20 minute session of Unmoderated Caucus, at the end of which there were to be peace treaties presented to the chair with the conditions, terms and consequences. 
The Peace treaty that was presented was utterly rejected, due to the new directive that was introduced by the new Free State of Texas that proclaimed that the country is now under rule of Rick Perry, a member of the Illuminati.
 The FSOT managed to convince more countries to join their Illuminati force, at the end of which the list of countries that are now Illuminati are FSOT, UK, India, ISIS, ISSC, and Pakistan.
There were more peace treaties that are meant to be formed, hopefully treaties that will ensure that peace prevails, not treaties that entitle the entire world to the mercy of the Illuminati. 

Rashi Kumar
AD HOC-North Korea.