Pre-Summit Report: Is Narendra Modi too controversial a Prime Minister?

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The Paradox of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is a polarizing figure, evoking visceral reactions across the political spectrum, critics call him a dictator while supporters believe he could make India an Asian superpower. 
John Oliver, a famous English comedian, featured a segment Narendra Modi on his television show,
revealing to the world jokingly, many truths about Modi. What intrigues the viewers of the show most about Modi is that he appeared as a hologram to give various speeches. Also, when asked about the 2002 Gujarat riots, his only reply was that he should have "handled the press better". In his reply,
Modi showed indifference to the deaths of the thousands of Indian citizens. Further more, Modi attributed the regret he felt about the riot that caused the murder of about 2000 Muslim settlers,to the sadness one would feel if a puppy were to come under the wheels of their car.

Modi has built his career by stimulating minds of the majority with his extremist Hindu ideologies. An example could be his proposal to the public, where he promised the protection of the "sacred cows",  
from the widely Muslim owned beef industry in India. His slogan was, "Modi ko matdan, gai ko jeevadan" [Vote for Modi, give life to the cow]. Modi has aimed at the Hindu masses, 
and has often promised them the deportation of the Bangladeshi immigrants, whom he refers to as the infiltrators of West Bengal. He has stated in a speech, that the Bangladeshi immigrants should
have their "bags packed", as he would send them across the border, in case he came to power. Modi continues to hold a strong stance on his views against the Bangladeshi immigrants, even after the wave of sectarian killings
that took place in Assam just two months ago. 

Modi has won over the hearts of citizens, by the promise he holds of proliferating economic development in India. Modi has proved himself to be a maestro of development, by tripling per capita income of Gujarat under his administration. Though Modi's track record in Gujarat may seem to be runaway success, there are some discrepancies that simply cannot be ignored. It is true that Modi has caused a boom in Gujarat's economy, however, during this time of flourishing economy, the human development index has dropped, an estimate shows that during Modi's long tenure, the percentage of malnourished children has skyrocketed a staggering 70%. Modi's only defence to the jaw dropping number of ill-nourished children, is that they are "beauty conscious", and simply do not eat.

While Modi has paid an immense amount of attention to the majority, i.e the Hindus, he has forgotten to be sensitive to the needs of the 150 million Muslims who form India's minority and has alienated them. Modi has proved time and again to have an extremist Hindu view, and has never desired to lend a hand to the minority. Along side his promise of economic growth, Modi has promised to reduce the corruption that would interfere with the development of hour country. However, with his combative personality, and reiterated stand on his views, Modi appears to hold the potential to enforce his promise. With the controversial allegations against him, and also his miraculous achievements, one can only conclude that Modi is a paradoxical man.

Moniet Sawhney