Interview with Germany

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As the events took an uninteresting turn, the committee was forced to plunge a crisis amidst all the on goings – although the delegates were quite confused at the sudden turn events, they cleverly adapted to the change, and passed several moderated and unmoderated caucuses so that they could peacefully settle the crisis. What ensued after this was an unexpected situation where Germany suddenly received a colossal power – in the form of uranium nuclear bombs – that could possibly blow up the entire nation in a matter of seconds. While Germany expected everyone at its mercy, and for once the roles was soon astonished to see that most of the delegates representing the various countries were willing to come together and raise a war against them – with Ho Chi minh and David Lloyd George being the only ones who cleverly and very diplomatically backed off from the war, coming in terms with Germany. What followed, was a hilarious situation, where DLG suddenly declared that it had captured the information for all the seven nuclear bombs of Germany and that he was willing to use it just for defense and not threaten anyone (I must say...all the while he has been doing research behind everyone’s backs. For intriguing everyone further more, new crisis were introduced with the prime minister of Greece being unexpectedly abducted, with her bodyguards being assassinated by the German military  - as per the information received by the member of the USA secret service. It is a comical moment with the Prime Minister of Germany denying the fact of kidnapping  - as we realize he has been completely taken by surprise.

“ I swear I didn’t do that, I didn’t kidnap him!!”                                                                                                                           After getting in tuned with the crisis, he quickly amended his statement by saying that:

“I accept the fact that Germany has not liked the Greek views  and do not deny the blame of abduction of the Greek prime Minister”                                                                                                                                 

The terms of release is being questioned when suddenly a telegram is intercepted which apparently has been sent by premier Lenin to the Prime minister of Germany – Mr. Philip Scheidmann regarding the kidnapping – which forces the delegates to think that both the countries have been conspiring behind their backs. Although many country delegates , namely David Lloyd George were willing to provide military and ammunition and secret service to search for their ”beloved peace-loving delegate’ – since no one  could arrive at a proper conclusion to the crisis ... the session was unfortunately scrapped.

After a moderated caucus is passed  -- on discussing the principles of league of nations and the reason behind its formation; the delegates receive an unexpected and unfortunate news of the assassination of the German Prime Minister – Philip Scheidmann and now enters our popular German dictator of all times – Mr. Adolf Hitler.

On asking him to introduce himself we were met with a very funny conversation:

Exec Board Chair: Please introduce yourself

Adolf Hitler(Former Philip Scheidmann): I just went out of the class and came back ...when

Exec Board chair: Which class Mr. Adolf????

Adolf Hitler: I mean...I was just assassinated...I mean Mr. Philip Scheidmann was assassinated and I came on behalf of Germany as a representative - Mr. Adolf .

Exec Board Chair: Are you a communist Mr. Adolf?

Adolf Hitler: Am I a what??!!

After what was a thorough detailed description regarding the principles of league of nations and the countries that should join such a peace keeping organization the session 1,2 and 3 of the day 1 , of Paris Peace Conference came to an end.

Akshara Mohandas