The Ad-Hoc Crisis Committee: Who needs DPRK when you have The Islamic Republic of Korea?!

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This year’s 1st session in the Ad Hoc – Crises Committee, comprised of varied opinions, unanimous decisions, strong accusations between countries, and scandals that made the delegates question their trust in the fellow countries, and made the possibility of bilateral decisions challenging.
The session began with a dynamic and scandalous event, where information was revealed to the delegates about a telegram received by Obama from Russia by an anonymous sender. The telegram contained instances of the USSR and the USA collaborating in an attempt to rule the world.
“We are close to world domination” 
“We will rule the world together”
These are a few quotes from the telegram that raised havoc among the countries.
Pakistan seconded Russia, and made a statement saying that “they would be on Russia’s side if they were to rule the world”.
Israel on the other hand stated that they felt insecure as there was an unfair amount of power in the hands of Russia.

Shortly after this shocking telegram was exposed, DPRK threatened to launch ICBM’s into Washington State. In their official statement. DRPK said, “North Korea officially stakes claim the Crimean region. We have 3450 warheads armed and ready to annihilate. We feel no hesitation in wiping out America if necessary”. China supported DRPK’s threat, and proposed that they would provide them with WMD’s. The reasons for these threats remain ambiguous.

However, powerful countries such as the USA and Russia, collaborated with the rebels of Ukraine to address this issue. In their statement, they said that “We recognise DPRKs claims, and consider this an act of aggression. Immediate action will be taken if the threat is not withdrawn. Furthermore, Russia and USA, allied with Iran, India, Iraq, UK and Vietnam. Iran offered to supply enriched uranium to provide aid in the battle against the DPRK. It is believed that the formation of these allies is primarily to suppress acts of terrorism.

Following the formation of this allied group, the North Korean monarchy was overthrown by an uprising of the masses. The masses have formed a republic and a unanimous government of North and South Korea, which is now in power after 50 years. Previous to this governmental reform, North Korea claimed to have 3450 nuclear warheads. The whereabouts of these warheads are unknown, however it is in possession of the Republic of Korea. It is unclear how the republic will proceed to dispose of or use the weapons of mass destruction. The Republic of Korea so formed, was soon named the Islamic Republic of Korea. This is so, because it is believed that the region of DPRK is populated with a majority of Muslims, and hence it was declared an Islamic state.    

Soon after this governmental reform, Iraq proceeded to enforce Sharia law in the middle-east. At present, most of the middle-east is under rule of the ISIS. The ISIS confess that they have used military force to take over rule of the middle-east. They however, proposed to countries that they are willing to negotiate with a condition that their demands be fulfilled, i.e: the “encouragement” of Islam. There are many discrepancies in this claims of ISIS’s. They allegedly are interested only in making peace with other countries, and are however, clearly capable of using military force against those who do not wish to accept their views.

The Islamic Republic of Korea (IROK), accused USSR of:
1) Oppressing against Islamic states,
2) And in making attempts to “rule the world”, in light of the telegram sent to USA.
In their statement IROK said that they “plan to enter Crimea and also plans to take complete control of the Ukraine”. However, Ukraine doesn’t wish to support IROK as it would lead to the fall of the Ukraine, hence Ukraine wishes to be with the USSR.

The controversies pick up momentum, and Pakistan claims to know approximate locations of the Taliban. Pakistan pleads to the UN to seek aid in providing them with troops and adequate man power, as their previous missions to fend of the Taliban have failed.

Drone attacks were sent from IROK to Pakistan, India is believed to have allowed access to their airbase in order for IROK to hold out their attack on Pakistan.

Proceeding the session, ISIS had turned hostile to other countries, as it is powered by IROK, which has the fourth largest army. And therefore, proves to be a threat. IROK has also been held responsible for the assassination of the Obama and Putin. America in Russia are in mourning, and are distressed by this unfortunate event.

There is unrest at in the world at present. There is threat of a World War that may occur at any moment. Countries are under pressure to resolve issues between each other, which in turn, may restore peace. 

To be Continued...

Press-South Korea