Pre-Summit Report: Did the USA really help in Afghanistan?

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When a person sees things that aren't there, hears voices that tell him to do irrational things and insists on believing things that simply are not supported by fact, most psychologists would label that person delusional and seek to help him regain his toehold on reality. When that person does all the same things regarding U.S. aid to Afghanistan it is called statecraft.      

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” – Howard Zinn, noted American author, peace activist, professor, and humanitarian.

Ironic isn’t it? 
Every single year we read about American martyrs dying in attempt to ‘aid’ Islamic countries.  As of June 2014 there have been 2,187 U.S. military deaths in the war in Afghanistan. This fact is slapped in our faces via most social media forms. We see obituaries and Facebook pages dedicated to these brave soldiers. What we don’t read about are, how many Afghanis and locals of these Islamic countries were killed in the cross fire. Are they just collateral damage? Half these deaths aren’t even officially registered and recorded by the UN. 3000 + local deaths have been recorded, 2000+ injuries too. 5000+ other Afghanis according to records just decided to fly off the face of the map.
“How can you stop terrorism through war when war is an act of terrorism itself?” – Howard Zinn, noted American author, peace activist, professor, and humanitarian.
Did you know that after US entered Afghanistan the number of bombings and riots went up by 14%?
No you didn’t. I just made that fact up. All you know is that the brave Americans have sent their soldiers to save a country by taking it over. It doesn’t sound anything like how The British enslaved half the countries we know because they wanted to save them right? Of course it doesn’t because only when the American’s do something is it considered angelic and not an act of war. How could the country where iPhones originated do something so 

Did you know that Afghanistan is going to have it first peaceful elections because of American assistance? You should it was scheduled for last year. If someone walks into your country and tells you how to work your government I’m not really sure how the US defines it but it sure isn’t self governance. The elections have been postponed each time by suspiciously well timed riots. The point? Until Afghanis have a stable government they CANNOT kick out the US from their country.

I believe that the perfect explanation for what US is doing can be explained in terms of our own bodies and Viruses. The Americans (Virus) enter the host country (Body). Now the body is tricked into believing that the Virus is part of it and means no harm so it lets it enter. The virus then slowly begins duplicating and spreading its reach in the host. By the time the body realizes that it is under attack the Virus has taken control. Now it’s up to Afghanistan to fight back and take control but until then US is in charge.
I do not believe that USA helped in Afghanistan. I believe that what they do in the name of good is only to add some more cash into their pockets. I believe that if they really wanted to help the world would have seen some changes for the better by now.

Abanishwar Sen

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