An Interview with Aaditya Jagdish: David Lloyd George

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David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, OM PC was a British Liberal politician and statesman. He played a very crucial role in  helping the delegates of the various countries at the Paris Peace Conference arrive at peaceful conclusions

My Greetings to Mr. David Lloyd George,

Q: How does it feel to be Mr. David Lloyd George who is one of the members with “The Big Four” members of the Paris peace conference?
A: I am honoured to have been given the post of such an important person. It is my first year as a part of the INMUN 2014.I had been told to take up the role as the Prime Minister of Britain at short notice and I am pleased that everything has gone well so far. As DLG I feel that I have to make a lot of important descision that can lead to the upbringing or downfall of Gemany.

Q: What do you think about the involvement of Germany as a cause of the Great War? Was it solely responsible or were its allies equally responsible for it?

A: My opinion right now is of Germany being innocent. It was a group of Serbian nationalists, known as ‘The Black Hand’ who assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand which lead to Austria declaring the 11 point ultimatum on Serbia which they did not accept to protect their sovereignty and caused Austria to declare war on I am saying that USA has intervened in this war – it was not their war to fight. They just interfered and caused huge devastation; and now they are declaring Germany guilty. This is something I do not support at all and I strongly believe that Germany had no role at all whatsoever in starting the war. I will go by whatever I have said in the past ... and although I may have contradicted my statements for the crisis...I personally am ‘FOR GERMANY’.

Q: Does your soft corner for Germany appear due to the fact that Germany was your best pre-trading partner and that by reducing the harshness of their punishment will help them to return to their prosperous form faster?

A: No. I believe that the trading between Germany and Britain has got absolutely nothing to do with the statement I have given just now. It has everything to do with the events of the war. Germany may have fought a lot of wars during this period but it has also lost 2 million soldiers of our countrymen within this span of time. It doesn’t matter who declared the war on is the losses that actually is the sovereignty of the country that has been harmed.

Q: What do you think about of the sudden crisis – which had Germany unexpectedly threatening to throw uranium nuclear bombs on USA and similarly on other countries if they do not listen to the terms of Germany?  Don’t you think that is threatening?

A: It is threatening but I think all of the countries including me have a role to play in this sudden attack. I am accepting that I am guilty. I am not saying that I did not do this. I blamed Germany and imposed them with much more than what they can actually handle – which may have caused the flame to ignite and feel that they have been accused of something they are not responsible for. So Germany may have killed many people...but for them to have taken such a step – has shown our involvement in great proportions. That is why I declared peace. I wanted no involvement in this bomb and I showed that I still have little faith in them through this act.

Q: Do you believe that your diplomacy has played a great role in bringing peace among the nations?

A: Yes. Having to sit in between France and USA who want to completely cripple Germany strategically, financially and economically and Greece who wants to treat Germany kindly so that they do not retaliate ... diplomacy helps in bringing a wave of calmness among the delegates – because I am taking into consideration all aspects of the opinions of all of them. This helps all of us in taking decisions with a cool mind and not a mind purely of personal reasons and vengeance.

Q: What do you want to talk about the crisis session which was held just a few minutes where you went completely against your previous statements and had to strike against Germany?

A: Yes, it was required at that point of time. Since the crisis committee wanted DLG to go against Germany for their own reasons...I had to come up with points which showed Germany as the most important cause of the war. But not taking regard of the crisis  - I would say that I still stand by my statements.

Thank you Mr. David Lloyd George. It was a pleasure talking to you

My Pleasure.

Akshara Mohandas