Transcript of PPC Session

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Situation 1: Lenin learns how governments are managed.
Vittorio Orlando: German military should be delocalized and foreign policy should be altered to be more peaceful and outgoing
Mehmed VI: Would be a drastic measure to delocalise the german military because it would anger Germany and also be controlling and unfair.

Eleftherios Venizelos: You will only cause more dispute by having other troops in Germany.

Lenin: German people shouldn’t pay but the leaders should instead.
[Exec: How do you propose that?]
Lenin: darn lol
[Exec: Raise another moderated Caucus after this bringing up the topic of making German leaders pay rather than the general population]
Lenin: kden

Philipp Schiedmann: 500,000 soldiers before the war, now there are 100,000 in the german military. They have already faced taxing defeats so leave them be k?

Pilsudski: I disagree with Philipp, because the general population of Germany seek vengeance, therefore we should make them suffer too.

Situation 2: The Paris Peace Conference learns the value of Money
Mehmed VI: Raises Moderated Caucus on Repercussions(Reparations) to be paid by involved countries: time 10 minutes with 30 seconds per speaker- Motion Passes

Mehmed VI:
Countries want to go back home to the safety of the old borders and chill. Can Germany pay the reparations and get this committee over with?

Vittorio Orlando: The price of 8 million euro will be sufficient.
[Exec board: What is a euro?]
 Oh well then 10 million pounds?

Philipp Schiedmann: Germany has paid 660 million pounds
[Exec board: That is still yet to happen, please be seated, delegate]
sorry then

David Lloyd George: Our Colony in India which has become bankrupt because of the war, needs 10.7 million pounds as reparations for this cause.

Mehmed VI: Reduce amount to 500 million pounds.
[Exec: 500 million pounds? Rephrase the amount, delegate]
A substantial amount

David Lloyd George: Reduce to 5 million pounds from 10.7 million, that’s fine by my government.

Situation 3: Crisis: Germany has developed Uranium nuclear energy. Germany awarded Ten points for being creative with their naming of nuclear weapon, calling it the infamous German Bomb.

Hindenburg: bro we rek ur face with nukes

Boris 3: we came here to sort for peace, why you threatening us with nuclear attack?

Hindenburg: u dint even invite me2 da ppc, I do what I want after y’all criticize me so much. Reconsider your positions or we’ll nuke ur faecc.

Eleftherios Venizelos: Why do you want to destroy the rest of the world in Armageddon?

Philipp schiedmann: You rekt us in the war, we need the defense.

Venizelos: we’re still discussing terms of the treaty, and do you want genocide guilt?

Philipp schiedmann: we rek u all

Venizelos: We’ll all work against you if you threaten us with nuclear strike

Philipp schiedmann: I’m too stronk 4 u losers

Venizelos: We’re here to form peace can you stop being so threatening?

Philipp schiedmann: lol shut up
*PS nukes Greece. Venizelos is critically injured, sorry bro.*

The Great War has recommenced.

Situation 4: Germany develops Nuclear Missiles

Seven German Bombs become available and at German disposition. If the US don’t back off from the discussion, we nuke the washingtons ^_^

Wilson: Please leave us alone
Germany: nope i hit ur faec
Wilson: Can we evacuate?
Germany: do what you want as long as you’re not too attached to your capital.

Orlando: You’re a bad person.
Germany: we’re not bad people, and if you say that again I’ll nuke Italy.

Situation 5: The Ottoman empire builds the League of nations

Mehmed VI: Motion to raise moderated Caucus to discuss the formation of the League of Nations.

Mehmed VI: The League of Nations is necessary to help prevent future wars.
Venizelos: The League of Nations should consist of all major and minor countries to maintain international peace.
DLG: The LoN should have greater military capability than any single territory.
Woodrow Wilson: Countries should work together against disarmament and the LoN should be a collective security for its members.
Boris 3: The League of Nations should aid its allies in defending themselves.