Under Secretary General of INMUN makes Delegate of Italy wish he Pasta-way. Is Italy good for only Pizza?

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, July 18, 2014 with 1 comment
The Under Secretary General of INMUN visited the CSW committee to question a few countries and the most memorable of those were his questions that continuously baffled the Delegate of Italy into a submissive silence.

The session began with a moderated caucus on how prostitution was one of the factors that leads to increase of HIV cases in the world. Italy then claimed in its speech that it was completely against prostitution and that the Italian government was doing everything it could to stop sex trade. The Under Sec-Gen then with a quizzical look on his face questioned the delegate of Italy asking him why, if this was so, did the Italian government plan on including Prostitution and Drugs in their GDP. The delegate of Italy now clearly flustered said that these facts weren’t true or hadn’t been put into effect yet to which the Under Sec-Gen replied saying he would get back to him.

A few speakers later the Under Sec-Gen pointed to the screen where there was a CNN article on how drugs and prostitution are being included in the Italian GDP was being projected. The Italian delegate having nothing to say retorted with a half hearted the allegations are false and media lies story. He proceeded to ask the Under Sec-Gen to provide Italian media proof of this but when the Under Sec-Gen asked him for the name of any Italian media the delegate could not provide any information.

Italy then tried to placate the Under Sec-Gen by saying that drugs aren’t a part of the HIV prevention topic. The delegate of UK then piled on to the misery of the Italian delegate by saying that drugs when injected by infected or reused syringes does in fact lead to AIDS and spread HIV. The Italian delegate was then given time to compose himself and prepare an appropriate answer which we hope to receive tomorrow when we discuss the solutions and prevention methods to the spread of the HIV pandemic in the CSW committee. More on this topic tomorrow.