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Raising motions, moderated and unmoderated caucuses, dramatic enactments of crisis and frying of the delegates by the press...the Paris peace conference had it all. While the delegates from around the world gave their views on the repercussions of the great war, and the crucial and undeniable role of Germany in it, there were quite a few who believed that Germany should be pressurized with such harsh terms as they had already suffered much loss. David Lloyd George had had Germany as its best pre trading partner and knew better than to pressurize it with huge reparations  - he wanted it to return to its original prosperous form; yet at the same time could understand why everyone was determined to make it suffer. George Clemenceau, whereas, had been greatly affected by the Franco Prussian war, and was determined to devastate Germany in such a way that it wouldn’t stand a chance to rise against France once again. All along, there were certain countries like Greece and USA who very diplomatically conveyed their opinion as a mix of harshness and kindness so as to arrive at a peaceful conclusion. While some wanted the innocent people of Germany to be spared of the punishment and wanted the leaders to pay – obviously since they were the mastermind behind it; there was a fair divide of people who wanted the people to suffer as well to keep them from retaliating seeking for vengeance. The reparation fee was quite bulky ranging from 5.2 billion pounds to a 10 million pounds...not to mention the situation grew hilarious with the new generation kiddos confusing it with the present currency euros  - which didn’t quite exist at that point of time ; while a few came up with an idea of compensating it in terms of military members and ammunition. The delegates were quite taken by surprise when the board of executive members questioned them as to why exactly should Germany pay...(I just love how this team of delegates think backwards) ...which forced them to think about how exactly was Germany a cause for “THE GREAT WAR” – which should initially have been their first question.” Then the Mr. Venizelos comes up with the great Megali idea  - a brainwave actually – although none of the delegates have any clue as to how this is help in achieving peaceful terms.When questioned on the situations they had been in; the treaties they had signed. it was particularly shocking that Mr. George Clemenceau  - PM of France – had no clue as to what the Irish envoy was all about and the PM of Germany  - Mr. Philip Scheidmann hadn’t even heard of the Treaty of Brest Litovsk(the extremely harsh and vindictive  treaty signed between Russian and Germany).The entire committee, after a grilling press conference, came to the realization that the delegates of the Paris Peace Conference had no clue as to what actually is going on in their countries. With a remainder and a warning by the press to the delegates – to actually delve more into the status and foreign policies of their own countries – the Paris Peace Conference continued with its session  - full of  conflicting ideas, heated debate and  interesting conclusions for the terms regarding the world war I and its repercussions.  


(to be continued...)