NATO - Crisis Reactions (Part 1)

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CRISIS – Ukrainian President is dead and the Government has been taken over by Angela Merkel’s people!

Turkey: provide military assistance to Ukraine as backup ffs. 
France: this was complete foul play by Germany and EU should take strict action against Germany for this. Russia and Germany are hand in hand in this crisis.
Portugal: All of the EU members should combine their forces to prevent Germany from attacking. (Let's rek em)
Spain: would like to not get involved. (10/10 diplomacy)
Greece: Not fair at all. It affects tourism in Greece which is ruining the economy. (lol greece you need to relax and look at the bigger picture m8)
Lithuania: NATO has deployed forces around the Baltic states for protection.
Russia: We have a chance to regain Crimea and do not care about Germany’s motive.(rephrases previous statement) – Russia has more concern about their motives than Germany’s motives. (much rephrase very diplomacy wew)
(Delegate of USA to Russia - Does Russia feel that attacking Crimea with missiles and weapon won't cause any objections in the rest of the world?)
Russia: Other countries will fear the Russo-German alliance. (lolw0t m8)
(Delegate of Netherlands to Russia- There are Russians in Crimea. By deploying missiles you will be injuring the ones located there)
Russia: The missiles are directed to Kiev, not Crimea. (you're confusing me now shut up)
Germany: OFFICIAL STATEMENT- These are the actions of an individual and not by the country. Germany condemns her actions and she will be put in judicial custody and will face prosecution in the International Court of Justice. 
Direct interaction between Merkel and Putin and no involvement of Secret Service.
Germany is not an ally of Russia in this matter. Merkel has been working with Putin separately. (ggwp Germany)
(Rephrases statement) - Angela Merkel will be prosecuted in Germany. 
Italy: Miss Merkel’s acts should be condemned. (Oh rlli)
Canada: would like to find out a definite siding of Germany
Croatia: Merkel should be arrested for this crime. (.....)
Portugal: Will remain neutral (like always)
Netherlands: Nato’s first actions should be to send reinforcements to Ukraine and a new President should be elected. 
Luxembourg: Call a meeting between Germany, France, US and Luxembourg and find out what’s happening. Invoke Vice President and keep him in protective custody. Waiting for some substantial evidence from Germany. (#beingproactive)
Ukraine: Delegate becomes temporary President until they find another. 
Czech Republic: Would like to know the official stance of Germany and in case NATO declares war on Russia and Germany, Czech would allow the troops to base in Czech. 
India: will not side with Russia and Germany and remain neutral. 
Norway: Germany should be thrown out of EU (where is your common sense m8)
US: Immediate measure- US will provide some defensive military aid in order to intercept missiles to Ukraine. (yay more aids)
Ukraine: refuses to believe the innocence of Germany and will take defensive military aid from US.
Belgium: Merkel wasn't aided by the German government.
Poland: Russia has went back on its word and launched an attack with Germany and they should be taken out of the UN. 

(to be continued...) 

PS: lol sorry if you found the running commentary annoying or immature. 

Dipannita Mukherjee
Assistant Director, Press.