Interview with Deeksha Vishneek

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Greetings, delegate Eleftherios Venizelos.
It seems that you changed the course of history in the Paris Peace Conference by proposing the League of Nations draft treaty. Where did you come up with such a revolutionary idea?
Venizelos:  Every country has it’s own parliament which decides the happenings and the running of the country. I believe that it is important for the world as a whole to have its own parliament which aims to keep all countries aware of foreign policies, relations, etc. It would create a better world for people, and stronger relations between nations.
Why have you taken such peaceful measures although it was Athens that suffered from the German aggression, going to the extent of crippling you for life? 
Venizelos: My first instincts were to commence war on Germany as they had harmed a major city close to my heart. But I took into consideration that we have come here to form a peace treaty and so I suppressed my urge for revenge and decided that the best way to resolve such a solution without any violence. And I will always be willing to give anything up for world peace.
What is the League of Nations, essentially? 
Venizelos: I would state the league of nations as a general association of nations to be formed to guarantee to its members political independence and territorial integrity. It should consist of all nations and work towards world peace by discussing war and foreign relations and countries’ economic crises. I would like it to promote cooperation in business and trade and strengthen foreign relations.
What are the ideals of the League of Nations?
Venizelos: To act as a world parliament to maintain peace as far as possible. To discuss war, economy as well as internal problems in a country. To ensure adequate living and working conditions for people in all parts of the world.
What are the peacekeeping measures the League of Nations is allowed to take?
Venizelos:  We encourage all countries to have equal say on all topics of discussion, even if they are not directly involved. We hope to solve all problems by arbitration. If not, we will have to take strict measures and may have to deploy the league of nations’ military if forced to.
Is it the wisest idea to give a council headed by certain member nations its own private army?
Venizelos: There should be an elected head or a number of elected heads who will run the league of nations for a certain period of time. Before taking any action, all countries must approve. The main reason for the head is only to keep an organized discussion.
Will the league of nations use its discretion as to which countries are a threat to world peace and which ones are just overly ambitious? 
Venizelos: The league of Nations will decide which countries are a threat according to the steps they take and if they agree to join the League of Nations or not. If any country does not join the league of nations, we see them as a threat to world peace.
Will the League of Nations successfully be able to prevent another Great War?
Venizelos: If all countries are willing to contribute and see the importance of the league of nations, I hope that we will be able to prevent wars in the future.
I hope you are right, delegate. Thank you for your time. 

Aditya Katakol