DISEC and Illicit Small Arms Trade: The justification of ISIS?

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The DISEC committee opened up in a positive note. All the delegates were in a good, positive mood, and ready to start. Due to majority the agenda chosen for the first day was Illicit small arms trade. The General speaker list consisted of USA, India, Pakistan and finally Iraq. The delegates spoke on the point, and strictly talked only about the agenda.

The first moderated caucus was on the marking and tracing the small arms. The delegates of Russia suggested an electronic and effective way of keeping records, and to make sure the arms are tracked from the place of origin, however the delegate of USA suggested 3D holographic sticker, which was completely out of view, however the delegate was unable to explain this later on. The delegate of China suggested the idea of using drones, to track the arms, however even though drones can be misused, China supports drones. The second moderated caucus was based on international cooperation. China asked for a concrete resolution, as all the resolutions before have not worked, China look forward to coming up with a concrete resolution, that will be enforced. After this, the committee broke into a break.

Directly after break, a press conference was held targeting USA, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, China, and Myanmar. The delegates target were left trembling in their seats, while others hoped they wouldn’t get targeted. The press was cold and vicious, they took on questions, while their chair aided them in what many delegates called an appalling conference .China was questioned about how drones would help to tack small arms, however China believes that the drones do not need to have weapon capability. Drones are completely supported by China, also large areas can be surveyed by the drones.

Soon after, Crisis arose in the committee, leaving many delegates bewildered waiting for what stance their country would take with ISIS taking over Iraq and Syria, trying to enforce the Syria law, stating the everyone should take up Islamic religion. While the countries of USA and France supplied arms to Iran for planning war against the ISIS. Iraq proves to be completely outrageous by taking ISIS’s side on this current crisis. DPRK proved to be completely over the line by supporting Syria.  ISIS raised the vision, that Syrian law shall rule the world.

Germany told the press that they would like to take USA and France’s side. While Iraq had gone completely bonkers by saying” Iraq believes it good of ISIS to take over Iraq”, which makes no sense, as why would any country want another group ruling over them. Yet still China recognizes Iraq as a sovereign country.

Soon, India, which was about to provide scientific news to ISIS from their great scientists withdrew and so did Russia. However China believed this was a horrible mistake by India and Russia. India said they never followed the Syrian law, and now India is looking forward to negotiating peace.

“We recognize ISIS as a terrorist”- USA

Many countries agreed, saying that ISIS is a terrorist group planning to take over the world, while China does not support this at all, China believes ISIS might actually help the world and make it a better place by enforcing the Syrian law.

“We declare war on ISIS supporting Iran”- USA

As many must know. Iran and USA were great enemies, have become good allies, while Russia too supported Iran. ISIS proved only to have China, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Korea, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia while the block against ISIS had USA, France, Russia, Gemany and Iran, which prove to be a very powerful group.

The committee broke into lunch break. After coming back, the very informative and outstanding Directive created by Russia was passed closing the Crisis session, ending the session in a satisfying mood.

China quotes “Iraq and Syria have no right to exist”, giving the reason” With all the human rights violations, they have committed they have done horrible, unethical things. ISIS has a right to exist. A nation that doesn’t take care of its citizen has no right to exist”.