NATO communiqué

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“Crimea is pro-Russian and if Ukraine becomes part of Nato, then any power that Russia has will disappear because Ukraine will become politically more powerful.” – GREECE

“The delegate of India feels that Russia should not feel insecure. The Crimean crisis must be solved quickly and peacefully so that international peace and problems may come back.” – INDIA

“Russian Federation is insecure which is insecure which is why Russia thought that the plane from Malaysia was from Ukraine.” – CROATIA

“The delegate of Netherlands feels that the delegate of Vietnam’s statement is wrong as Russia is worried about the relationships that Ukraine and Russia had when Yanukovych was in power , now that he has fled, Russia wants the deal to stay ‘on’ and therefore intervention.” – NETHERLANDS

“The delegate is disgusted by the Russian federation. The delegate feels that being insecure does not give it the right to annex territories and violate treaties signed. Ukraine is a sovereign country. We have the right to make our own decisions on whether we want to join NATO or the Russian federation.” – UKRAINE

“Norway agrees to the fact that the Russian federation is insecure, because a large number of gas reserves are in Crimea. Russia does not like the fact that NATO will have (peaceful) access to these reserves as Russia is the number one exporter of gas to the EU.” – NORWAY

“NATO has been involving more countries into the treaty to promote peace and to military co-operation to fight any possible future threats. This makes Russia feel insecure for some reason, which shouldn’t be happening. Ukraine joining NATO will only protect the world from future threats. Russia should see this positively as it will promote peace, but Russia seeing this in an insecure manner reflects their cold war mentality. USA feels that Russia should not feel insecure and should remove their troops from Ukraine. Russia, in order to curb their sense of insecurity has disrupted world peace and devastated the lives of innocent individuals. This is a world of co-operation and diplomacy and not a world of invasions and dispute.” – USA

“Ukraine had been governed by pro-Russian government for a long time. Recently, the government has had good relations with USA. Russia being against USA’s involvement is not happy with Ukraine for wanting to join NATO. Russia threatened to cut Ukraine off of gas if they join NATO. That is why Ukraine hasn’t joined NATO till date.” – SPAIN
“Iceland says that if Russia wants to make its territory bigger, it doesn’t need to do this forcefully. It can just do it in a normal way by acquiring it by a un-ueparty(?) way so I think they should stop this and just wait for Ukraine to be part of NATO and then it can take permission from the UN.” – ICELAND

“France believes that Ukraine needs to be a part of NATO as they are mostly defenseless against a Russian Invasion. Russia is insecure as Ukraine could call NATO for help in the current crisis and Russia will be at a disadvantage. NATO feels that Ukraine needs its help.” – FRANCE

“The delegate of Russia objects to Ukraine being in alliance with NATO because it will be affiliated to nations which are not in friendly relations with Russia and therefore harm the relations between Russia and Ukraine. However, this is not the main motive of the intervention. “– RUSSIA

“The delegate of Czech Republic believes that there is no reason for Russia to feel insecure and condemns its action. Czech Republic also declares full support to Ukraine, and also wishes it to become a part of NATO as soon as possible.” – CZECH REPUBLIC

“The delegate of Luxembourg agrees with delegate of Vietnam. The NATO alliance at the moment is looking to surround Russia creating strategic military advantage against Russia if even a war was to take place between Russia and Western Europe.” – LUXEMBOURG

“The delegate of Canada believes that this is an invalid reason to start a war and cause n intervention.” – CANADA

 “The delegate of Italy feels that Russia has violated International law. There was no need for them to have an armed attack on Crimea. The delegate believes that issues can be sorted by vocal expression of opinions.” – ITALY

“The delegate completely agrees with Vietnam’s statement, Russia’s invasion of Crimea is indicative that Russia is accompensatory(?) for the loss of Soviet Union by invading new nations/territories.” – GERMANY

“The delegate believes that if this is the case, the military retaliation was justified.” – LITHUANIA

“Turkey feels that this is a blatant act of superiority by Russia, as they want to expand their territory. If we need to stop this we must keep in mind the choice of the other countries.” – TURKEY

“Russia has regretted the legitimacy if the interim Ukrainian government in favour of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych whose request for intervention has also been cited.” – BELGIUM

Dipannita Mukherjee
Assistant Director, Press.